Shannan & Seth | Maryland Wedding Photographer

I really enjoyed getting to know these two during their engagement session back in the spring and couldn’t wait for their wedding in June! (I know, I know I’m WAY behind on blogging. Please forgive me, I’ve been super busy) As you’ll see the day started out beautifully but then came the rain right as the ceremony ended. And it rained and rained…oh wait, lets make that poured and poured. It poured so much that there was flash flooding which ran right through the middle of the property where the reception tents were located. And little did we all know there was a tornado about five minutes away from where we were. To many bride and grooms their day would have been ruined and looked upon as a total disaster, but not with Shannan and Seth. If anything, the circumstances were cause for the biggest and best party I have ever been to. No one cared about being wet and most people danced the night away without shoes on. This was the first wedding I’ve ever photographed in bare feet where I wasn’t at a beach! A little dancing in the mud brings back great childhood memories doesn’t it? I bet not one person left that place without a huge smile on their face and raving about how much fun they had. It was truly a remarkable day and I couldn’t speak any higher praise for the way Shannan and Seth celebrated despite the ugly weather.  So it is my pleasure to introduce Shannan and Seth to you…

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