Nicola prides herself in providing the highest quality print services available in our industry along with one-of-a-kind wall portrait options. Exclusive Artblocks made in the Netherlands, modern and simple frames made right here in the US are just a few of the ways you can display your cherished photographs. Signature keepsakes, such as prints and albums are also available and make great gifts for family members or to keep for yourself! 

The average investment for a session with Nicola ranges between $849-$1800 and includes some of our most popular keepsakes plus digital files. Please connect with Nicola and she will be happy to provide you with more detailed pricing information.

Cherish your memories by printing your photos.

heirloom keepsakes & products

For the best results, we photograph our newborn sessions between one to three weeks of age (ideally between days 8-14). Any parent will tell you how fleeting those first few weeks are, so it is essential that we capture them as early as we can to achieve the results you see in my newborn portfolio.

We always take our time with newborns and will never rush a session – taking as much time as we need, allowing your baby to be our guide, however, newborn sessions usually last between 2-3.5 hours depending on which collection you invest in. We want everyone to feel completely relaxed during this time so you can enjoy every moment of your session without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

In order to reserve your due date on our calendar, it is very important to contact Nicola while you are still pregnant. We typically book clients 3-6 months in advance and photograph a limited number of sessions per month.

Babies are infinitely giving and authentic. They are vulnerable, honest and pure – my aim during sessions is to connect with those qualities in each and every baby I have the pleasure to capture. For that reason, I am totally baby-led during my sessions. Your baby is my guide. A session is more than simply taking photos of what I see. I want to create beautiful images from what I feel and my style feels natural, organic, simple and clean.

If you feel a connection with my work and would like to schedule a no pressure consultation, please fill out a contact form here and I will schedule a phone or in-home consultation to review pricing, talk about your style as well as talk where and how you may want to display your images. 

A 50% deposit is required to secure your due date on my calendar along with a signed contract. Your deposit is non-refundable in the event of client cancellation. The remainder of your balance will be due on the day of your session.

Of course not! We do not charge anything additional for multiples.

Sibling images are photographed during the session at no extra charge. We can plan ahead and arrange a specific time for siblings to be part of the session and we’ll review all of the options before we get started. Sometimes clients have a grandparent or babysitter come to watch siblings while they are not needed so I can focus on the baby and parents.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are held in the comfort of your own home. On rare occasions, I have clients who wish to do a session outdoors. If this is something that interests you I am happy to accommodate. Concerned about your style or the 'mess' or 'clutter'? Don't let this stop you from doing a session. I am often able to work around things or can even help do a quick pick-up if needed. 

Maternity sessions are only available as an add-on to clients who book us for a newborn session and are photographed outdoors in or around Lancaster, PA – weather permitting. We are happy to include spouses and other children in your outdoor maternity session. 

Yes! We love documenting baby's first year. While we put more emphasis on baby’s development stage rather than their age, we recommend scheduling their first milestone session when they are able to sit unsupported (usually around 6-7 months) and their second session when they are able to stand on their own (usually around one year). 

We recommend scheduling the circumcision 4-5 days before or after your scheduled session to allow for proper healing.

We accept all major credit cards, check and cash when paying in person. Credit cards can be used for paying session fees online as well. Bounced checks will result in a $40 bounced check fee.

Digital files + print release are included with a session and the quantity depends on the collection you invest in. I offer a variety of frames along with custom album design, prints and birth announcements.

New moms have a lot on their plate and planning for your baby’s newborn photo session will probably be the last thing you'll want to think about once they are here. After you book a session you will receive an welcome guide from me which will include all the information you will need to know. You can read over this prior to your scheduled session date to refresh your memory. This will help you prepare and answer any additional questions you might have about what you may need for the session. 

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