Sarah & James | Lancaster Engagement Photographer

I love it when clients bring their pups to sessions. It is always makes things interesting, but this guy was a gem! Fletcher is the shyest dog I’ve ever met and so he made it really easy to get a few shots with him because he just wanted to be near mom and dad ;) It was the cutest thing. Meet Sarah and James…a sweet and laid back couple who have a love for their dogs. To bad we couldn’t have included their other pup, but apparently he would have been a “bit too much!” We enjoyed a lovely warm early autumn morning hanging out and getting to know each other as well eatingĀ  a few Dunkin Donuts as well. To my disappointment, I was still doing a detox at the time so I could not participate in that festivity but none the less it made for a few cute shots as they enjoyed one for me :)

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