Noelle & Mark | Randolph NJ Wedding Photographer

We hadn’t met Noelle and Mark until the day of their wedding so we were slightly nervous at how things would go. As soon as we saw Noelle’s huge smile, we knew everything was going to be ok :) Meadow Wood Manor was busy and bustling as everyone was getting things ready for the day’s events, so we decided to sneak off with just Noelle and MarkĀ  before the ceremony for a bit of quiet time while we captured their portraits. It was fun to get to know them and watch giddily as they interacted with each other. Mark is a pretty quiet person, but was he oh so sweet with Noelle. You could tell he thought she was the cutest thing ever! It was so adorable the way she made him blush ;) The ceremony was beautiful and the cocktail hour was fantastic. We’ve never seen so much food in our life…and to think that was just the appetizers! Everyone flooded into the reception and that was when the party began. More food, lots of dancing and TONS of love filled that room to the brim. It was superb and so enjoyable to be a part of. Here is a peek at Noelle and Mark’s fantastic day!

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