Lauren & Nick | Lancaster Country Club Wedding Photographer

These two had an absolutely beautiful autumn wedding day. Everything was as perfect as can be from the golden evening lighting, the bright fall colors, the ridiculously fun people, the incredible food and the lovely location. Perfect, perfect, perfect! Lauren and Nick are two of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet…and they are sooo right for each other in every way. They were so comfortable with each other and made our jobs super easy! Lauren really wanted their bridal portraits to be romantic and sexy and I think they worked it for the camera just right don’t cha think? The reception ended up being one gigantic dance party. With a live band and a crowd that loved to dance, they had the floor packed the entire night. It.Was.Great!

Amanda and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and came away from the day with such happy hearts. Thanks, Lauren and Nick, for entrusting us to capture your incredible day!

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