Katelin & Dave | Chester County Wedding Photographer

Katelin and Dave’s wedding was supurb in every way…from the gorgeous weather, to the beautiful details, to the immense love and joy…it was a day we will always cherish. Katelin is the sweetest spirited person I’ve ever met and her constant smile is sure to turn any frown upside down. Dave loves his gal like I’ve never seen in a man before. He has this adoring presence that just makes the heart smile. Always smiling and laughing these two are ridiculously cute together. Even though Kelly and I were there as theĀ  photographers, we came away from the day feeling as if we had been friends with these two forever. I’m sort of lost for words at how to describe the immensity of the day’s emotions…so I hope the images speak for themselves. And to Katelin & Dave…thank you. Thank you for allowing us into your lives in this special way.



  1. Bonnie says:

    Wow Nicola – these are amazing!!!

  2. Char says:

    FAAAAANtabulous! What a gorgeous day and couple! You captured it perfectly.

  3. […] are spunky, committed and totally adore each other. I had an incredible time photographing their wedding back in May and have since become dear friends with them. Hubster and I are looking forward to […]

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