Janel & Landon | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

Janel & Landon has an absolutely gorgeous wedding day! Everything from the colors, decorations and the ambiance of the ceremony and reception screamed rustic country wedding. It was fantastic.┬áJanel looked absolutely stunning and the way Landon couldn’t take his eyes of her was one of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They are an absolutely sweet and lovable couple. We loved every moment of their wedding day! Plus, there was nothing quite as incredible as eating some seriously good country home cookin’s for dinner. Yum ;)

Janel and Landon created such a relaxed and laid back environment for their reception. It was the perfect setting for their guests to relax, hang out and mingle as much as they wanted! There was such a strong sense of deep rooted friendships that night. We loved all the little kissing games they had planned that really got some of the guests interacting and we absolutely loved the best mans speech. It was so hilarious has us all crying.

I think the highlight of the entire day though (at least for Landon and all his buddies) was the sweet exit that happened when Janel and Landon left for the evening.

Picture a sweet old Ford silhouetted by a light on the side of an old barn, engine reeving and wheels spinning. Mounds of smoke is billowing into the air.

Not being a car buff myself, I just went along with it all taking pictures and cheering like I knew what was going on but wondered why it was taking so long for them to leave. Little did I know Landon was working up one of the best burn outs ever seen. Once they had left, a heard of guys rushed over to where the car had been. I rushed over too, curious what they were all looking at. I think every guy standing around those tire marks was ohh-ing and ahh-ing. I was told by a number of spectators that I needed to get a good shot of the insane spray. I took one look at it and took a pic with my phone to immediately text to Landon. He was going to be thrilled. I mentioned that was one of the best wedding exits of all time… and he couldn’t have agreed more :)

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