JaLisa & Marc | Lancaster County Wedding Photographer

It was a hot one but the heat didn’t stop these two from enjoying their day!! It was a lovely wedding with lots of laughter and smiles. I loved how elegant JaLisa looked…she was stunning! They had a beautiful ceremony and I was touched by the greeting and interaction with the grandparents. They managed to make me cry…why am i such a sap?!? Thanks JaLisa and Marc for allowing Kelly and I to be a part of your memorable day. Here are some of my favs…IMG_2839IMG_2881IMG_3171IMG_3654IMG_3075IMG_7136IMG_7170IMG_3771IMG_3808IMG_3848IMG_3938_MG_3795_MG_3807_MG_3637IMG_3305_MG_0235_MG_0152IMG_3981IMG_4152

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