Emily & DJ | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

With a forecast for rain all day and Irene fast approaching everyone was probably a bit nervous for the outcome of Emily & DJ’s wedding since the plan was to have the reception outside under the tent at Rockford. But God was so good to us and the rain held off until the ceremony, so thankfully we were able to get all the shots done prior. Yay! And, the rain didn’t stop everyone from having a fabulous time at the reception either…despite a bit of a wet floor. Emily and DJ have such a genuineness about them. They absolutely adore each other! I loved watching them interact with one another…so gentle and caring. I enjoyed getting to know them at their engagement session, and had even more fun photographing their special day. Even though weather conditions were not ideal, they both were so laid back and easy going about it all. Amanda and I enjoyed celebrating with you both, Emily & DJ,  and wish you many blessings on your marriage.


  1. Mary Pollock says:

    These are so very very lovely! I can’t wait to see more! Emily and DJ are precious.

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