Carolyn & Dmitri | Lancaster, PA Wedding Photographer

There are two reasons why I absolutely LOVED Carolyn and Dmitri’s wedding….one: Carolyn is a Brit like me and two: they served a mini portion of fish and chips as a served appetizer at their reception! Couldn’t get any better than that in my opinion. One thing that stood out the most to me from the day was the immense amount of joy that Carolyn had. She was one happy bride and her easy going personality made for a really fun day of photographing. Then there is Dimitri. He loves his bride. You can just see it in the way he looked at Carolyn. I loved watching their subtle, yet very adoring looks to each other throughout the day. When you can sense the connectedness in a couple just by watching them interact it makes my heart happy. And what would this wedding be without some kilts and a bagpiper? Yep! Carolyn’s dad and the pastor both wore kilts and the guests were welcomed with some sweet sounds of a bagpiper. The ceremony was simple and I was moved by the words that the pastor shared, not only to Carolyn and Dmitri, but also to their family and friends. After some beautiful evening light portraits we headed in for the party where they danced the night away and had a total blast celebrating. What fun Amanda and I had. I am blessed to have been a part of such an incredible day.


Be sure to check out Carolyn and Dmitri’s video trailer by the amazing Christopher Lee!

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