Amanda & Josh | Lancaster Wedding Photographer

Amanda and I met a number of years back when we worked together at Jeremy Hess Photographers and have since become great friends. Amanda is a fabulous photographer and I enjoy it when we get to work together behind and in front of the camera together. 3 years ago, I was proud to have her in my wedding and then the day came when Josh popped the question and I couldn’t have been more excited when she asked me to photograph hers. It has been so special to have a friend to journey with during the years of dating and finally marrying the men of our dreams! I couldn’t be happier for these two. Amanda and Josh are a wonderful couple with such genuine hearts. I love seeing how tender Josh is with Amanda and I love how Amanda respects the strength and wisdom of Josh.

Their wedding was beautiful. It was a gorgeous day filled with lots of laughter, love and some of the best ballroom dancing I’ve ever seen. Amanda grew up dancing and her parents are also fantastic dancers as well. (Amanda and her dad were the ones that taught us how to swing for our 1st dance at our wedding!) With all these experts at the wedding that meant there was some serious dancing going on. I felt like I was watching a dance competition! I wish I could move my hips like some of those guys do ;) I had a hard time trying to narrow down images for the blog post as there were many great shots of these guys having fun on the dance floor. So I’ll end with that and say It was an incredibly fun filled day and Voni and I really enjoyed being a part of such a great celebration.

  1. Wow! Beautiful work Nicola. I’m sure they love their pictures.

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