Youthberry Tea Slurping & Tuna Green bean Casserole Thank Yous!

I’m not the best a documenting the everyday little moments that happen in our house. It is something I really need to challenge myself to be better at because I don’t want to ever forget these precious memories…ever. He’s growing up too quickly for my liking. Just stay this little for a while longer ok buddy??

After we came home from running some errands tonight, I mentioned that “mommy was going to make a nice hot cuppa-tea,” to which Simon responded “hot drink too mommy!” So, I boiled some water and Simon helped me add some loose Youthberry Tea into the tea strainer. We steeped the tea in the hot water and giddily enjoyed stirring the spoon and smelling the lovely aroma before we added some cold water to make it nice and warm without being too hot. As I was going about my business to get dinner started, all I could hear was some happily enjoyed slurping and sipping. I turn around to see this sight and was thankful that I had my camera close by.

“Ummmmm…good!” he said. “More please mommy.”

Sure, here you go! Have the rest of mine because you are the cutest kid in the world and I never want to forget that adorable high pitched voice of yours when you say please, the way you slurp out of a mug, how cute you look in crocks or how you choose to sit on our shoe rack to enjoy your drink.

Dinner was set out and Simon was eager to dive right into it as we went about our daily “What are you thankful for today?” prayers we always do before we eat.

“Baboons, Jjajja (grandma), Baby Isla (our friend’s baby), Abby (Jjajja’s cat), Church” he said and again I melted into a puddle of goo…oh how I love this kid so much!

But…the thing that got me the most tonight was one simple sentence that flowed so effortlessly from his mouth as he was eagerly devouring his Green Bean Tuna Casserole…

“Thank you make dinner mommy!” followed by “More please!” and then about two servings later he finished up his last bite and was off to play as if nothing had ever happened. Little did he know that he had made my heart explode wide opening spilling out exorbitant amounts of pride, joy and happiness all over…

…and tonight I realized that the little things really are the things to hold onto and cherish in your heart. I dont ever want to forget them.

In case you are drooling over the yummy casserole Simon devoured, here is the recipe for you!

Green Bean Tuna Casserole


  1. Par cook the pasta and green beans together following cooking directions on the pasta box but boil for 8 mins only.
  2. Drain the water from your pan and add all the remaining ingredients and mix well.
  3. Transfer your mixture into a glass baking dish and bake for 20 mins or until the mixture is bubbling and green beans are tender.
  4. Serve immediately and enjoy!



  1. Leah Conley says:

    Nicola, this is such a sweet post! You’re making MY momma heart explode just hearing this!!! You’re such a sweet mom!

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