Trash the Bag:: We’ve got us some winners!

Thanks to everyone who trashed their bag!!! It was so much fun looking through all the images. It was also very difficult to pick a winner…they were all so great! But Janell and I finally picked our top two favs. We also now have some runner-ups, mostly because I couldn’t resist posting some more of the fun images!

Congratulations to Kelly Hess who is the winner of the Janell Almodovar messenger bag! We couldn’t resist how cute these two are in making some sort of mixture inside the bag.


And our 2nd winner of the $30 Nicola Herring Photography gift certificate goes to  Jessi Kauffman! A typical baby mess i guess is sure to trash a bag!? Do babies really like mushed peas anyway?


And last but not least…our runners up:

Holly Reynolds: excellent photography and such a cute idea!cookie

Ellen Harnish: a good ole Lancaster County trashed bagcow

Jill Siegrist: I happen to know Jill’s dog and can only imagine how slobbered Jill’s bag was after she was done with it!


Thanks again to everyone who participated!! It was fun…be sure to check back often for future contests and giveaways.*winners will be notified via email also*

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