Sawdust, Electrical wires and New Baby Products | Lancaster Photography Studio

Hey folks! Slightly different post than normal as I wanted to update you on some fun things happening at Nicola Herring Photography! This past fall we started working on some renovations to my future studio space. My hubby and his brother as doing most of the work themselves. Due to not having heat in the space they didn’t get much done over the winter but as soon as the weather started to warm up these two amazing men have been hard at work and we are now well underway! Just this past weekend my other brother-in-law also came over and those three musketeers tackled and finished all the wiring and electrical in one weekend! I am completely amazed at how determined, talented and hard working those three truly are. It was up in the 90’s and with no breeze or AC you can imagineĀ  the amount of blood, sweat and beers shed that weekend ;) Things are actually starting to come together and I’m super excited for new windows and dry wall to be going in over the next few weeks! Wahoo! So, until it gets to the point where I can actually help with things (like paint and finish the floors) I have been enjoying pinning lots of ideas as I think about decorating and setting the space up when its finally done. It’s so much fun to dream! Hopefully this fall the space will finally be done so then I might have to do a fun giveaway of sorts!?! Whatcha think?

In other news, I’ve been reworking lots of things within my newborn photography and am super excited about some new changes to my pricing and products which will be launched at the end of June, including a freakin’ awesome client referral program where you can earn free sessions and products!! Digital files will also be easier to acquire and are going to be included in all packages! That means even more peace of mind for you and your cherished life stories. But what I’m most excited about is some of the awesome new products that will be available as well. I can’t go into too much detail yet since things are still in the works, but take a peek below at two of the new items that will be available soon :)



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