Fun Fridays // Blueberry-Lemon Cookies

A few weekends ago, we went up to NY to visit with my hubby’s side of the family since his Aunt from Colorado was in town. We have an annual tradition of berry picking at some point during the weekend and I ended up with 2 large zip lock bags full of fresh blueberries. I usually freeze blueberries and use them throughout the cold months for my steamy bowl of oatmeal I have every morning but sadly our freezer is still stocked full of blueberries from last year though after I found out that I have a slight intolerance to oats. My poor berries have been just sitting freezing their beautiful blue-selves dreaming of the day they can be piled high on a big steaming bowl of oats again. I decided I would try to use up the fresh berries I picked in as many ways as possible so I wouldn’t have to freeze them and that way I could enjoy the wonderful sweet taste they bring when fresh.

One of my favorite flavor combinations in baking is blueberries and lemon. I just love the sweetness you get from the berries and that little bit of tart from the lemon makes for a scrumptious sweet and sour combo. We had a few lemons sitting around that needed to be used up and I thought to myself “when life hands you lemons why make lemonade when you can have Blueberry Lemon Cookies instead?” So, my search for the perfect Blueberry Lemon Cookie began. I had a little help from my son and together we found the perfect recipe and I wanted to share it with you!We are at the tail end of the blueberry season here in Lancaster, so get picking and make yourself some of these delightful cookies. You won’t regret it! (Recipe below) While these blueberries were picked up in NY, we usually pick all our summer berries and fruit at Weavers Orchard. Remember to leave us a comment and share with us some of your favorite summer flavor combinations! Happy Friday Friends!!#behindthescenes: my son may or may not have been licking the cookie batter while he helped me make these!

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