Enjoying Some Firsts

When we were matched with our son he was 7 months old but it wasn’t until he was 15 months old when we finally got to met him in person. During that time of waiting, my heart longed to know all the ‘firsts’ that he was doing, like his first time sitting by himself, first time eating solids, first time pulling himself up to stand, first time visiting a hospital, first time he got a boo boo, first word he said…and the list could go on. I felt like I was missing out on a crucial stage in his life by not witnessing these special life events.

Maybe we missed out on many ‘firsts’ in those early 15 months but I am forever grateful for the many firsts we have since had with him. We have been able to watch him take his first steps, watch him as he sees his first animal up close (a chicken,) hear him say his first official word (bird) and the list could go on. He is now at an age when certain “firsts” are just exciting for him as they are for me so last night when it began to snow he was ecstatic. All he had ever known was dry and rainy seasons with temps never really reaching below the 60s. You can imagine his joy when he saw snow for the very first time. When he woke up this morning I told him there was a big surprise waiting outside for him, so we hurried downstairs to peek out the windows and he exclaimed “It’s aaaaamazing!” He couldn’t wait to get out there to see it. After breakfast, we all bundled up and braved the cold and had some fun experiencing his first real snow together. The Jonas Blizzard of 2016 will most certainly be one to remember…especially for this super sappy mama bear who was glad to add another “first” to the list. Happy Snow Day!

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