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“I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday.” -unknown

The laundry is still there and never seems to end let alone get started. You are always needed for something, weather its for a feeding, a “mommy kiss it better” boo boo, a potty accident or another newborn diaper change. You’re tired and exhausted. Meals need to be cooked but groceries need to be restocked…oh what’s going to be for dinner?? The older, yet still little, humans need to be guided, taught and entertained. Doctor visits, play time, church and more. Still in your PJ’s and haven’t changed in two days! Your hair? Goodness…it sure is starting to look like a bees nest up there. Sleep…you need sleep.

This is what I think  it must be like to be a mother of three (or more) young children. Having one child (an energetic two year old at that!) is consuming enough that I cant imagine adding another and another or even another and still have time for them all and stay sane myself? But, when I see friends and other families who do it day in and day out investing selflessly into these little lives makes me hopeful. I stand in awe of the way God created family to be as memories are made and little eyes are filled with wonder as they encounter this big huge world  filled with unending possibility.

I admire Eric and Chrystal for the way they invest into their family. Their big hearts and loving arms are what surround their kids and with open minds and God as their guide they make it work even if things get tough. When I look at the perfection of their newest addition I know without a doubt that she will be loved and given opportunity. She will confidently face this world with bravery and wisdom as her beautiful and wondrous life stories unfold.

So, when I think of all that, I can’t look at newborn photography the same. I just cant. It drives me to admiration of these precious little gifts of life and documenting them becomes a huge HUGE honor…because life is precious and they only stay little for a short while. 2015-10-29_0064

  1. Anonymous says:

    Niki- you are the BEST when it comes to baby pics! Thanks for the kind, and so true words you gave to Chrystal and Eric to encourage them in their journey as parents! Lovingly, a-thelms

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