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Due to legal information we cannot share this story in too much detail at this time. God certainly works in such incredible ways when it comes to knitting families together through adoption!

One day back in November, a woman came into a hospital to deliver her baby. This woman had told the delivery nurses she was planning on giving her baby up for adoption because she did not want him to go into the foster care system. She was desperate to figure out a way for the baby to find a forever home.

Leigh just happened to be on OB call that day and ended up doing the epidural procedure for this woman’s delivery.

One of the RNs had told this woman that Leigh had adopted before and might be able to give her some good information about what the options for her baby might be. The woman asked to speak to Leigh…and through a series of unexpected events, Leigh and her husband decided that they would adopt this precious little baby boy. The opportunity literally dropped in their lap and there was just no way they could say no! Their attorney went to the hospital the next day so they could sign and complete all the paperwork. Within 48 hours, Leigh had gone into work just like any other normal day, and came home with an incredible unexpected gift, that now, they can’t imagine being without!

They named him Matthaeus Bryce. (Muh-TAY-us) means ‘gift from God’ and Bryce means ‘to receive quickly’. Such a fitting name for such an awesome gift…and just in time for Christmas :)

  1. shawnette says:

    I love these kids so much and they are such an incredible blessing to this family. Great parents and great people.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I love that little smile in the last image! How precious!

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