Little Boy Blue Mini Session

“How does someone so small,
Hold my heart so tightly?
I don’t even know you.
I love you completely.”  
-JJ Heller

Little Boy Blue Mini Session

When Kate and Mike contacted me to schedule a mini newborn session for their son Rustin, they were concerned that he might not cooperate due to being on the older side of when I generally photograph newborns. I assured them not to worry and that he would be just fine for his newborn photos no matter if he was awake. My assistant and I have worked with numerous newborns ranging from super sleepy that we can’t wake them up for feedings to super awake wanting to know everything that is going on around them. Either way, we always end up with beautiful images that really showcase the sweet itty bitty moments at that special newborn age.

The night before their session,  I got a text from Mike anxious at how Rustin would do because he’d been fussy all day and into the evening and he was worried he would be awake for photos.  Again,  I told him not to worry, mostly because babies tend to sense and absorb their parent’s anxiousness which might make them anxious also. I actually enjoy it when we get photograph babies who are awake and bright eyed for pictures. It brings a whole different feel to the images and gives us a little glimpse into their tiny little personalities. In the end, Rustin’s session ended up going flawlessly and Kate and Mike were absolutely floored at how well Rustin did in front of the camera despite the fussiness he had the day before.

When I first talked started brainstorming ideas with Kate and Mike, they mentioned that they really would love a shot of Rustin in the “froggie pose.” He literally just fell into it so quickly and easily. They were amazed to find out that we achieve this pose by doing a composite, or layering of two images so that Rustin was perfectly safe. Because safety is such an important component of newborn photography, we use this little trick quite a bit! 2016-08-11_0002Rustin’s blue, striped pants were from Adorable Props. I love her newborn props!! And that little smile…so stinkin’ cute! LITTLE BOY BLUE MINI SESSIONLITTLE BOY BLUE MINI SESSIONLike I mentioned…I always love it when newborns give us a little awake time to capture some eye contact with the camera. He ended up being awake for a few minutes but was so calm and relaxed and looked right at me. I knows it’s the middle of summer, but these cozy, textured shots had me dreaming of fall and warm apple cider!


I had such a nice time with Kate, Mike and little Rustin for his newborn session and absolutely loved some of the frames they ended up ordering for his nursery. Check them out HERE.

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