The H Family is back! | Lancaster Adoption Photographer

You may recognize these guys. I had the honor of photographing them when they welcomed their first child into their family back in April 2012. You can see that post HERE! You can imagine my excitement when they called me back in November to do another session for them. Oh happy days! What gets me about this session though is the incredible story that comes along with it. Here it is in Alanna’s words:

“There is so much in a name…

In 2012, our daughter Jaida entered our family through the miracle of adoption.  The name Jaida means “He knew”. She has been an incredible blessing to our lives, and it is abundantly clear that yes – He knew.  About a year ago, we chose to begin our second adoption, and we spent a lot of time thinking about name possibilities. We didn’t know if our next child would be a boy or girl, but interestingly enough, we each came to the same boy name independently of each other. Upon realizing that, we knew our decision was made. The name we chose was Isaiah which means “God is salvation”. So much of the Scripture that has become significant to our family comes from the book of Isaiah.  In November, we received a call from our agency regarding the birth of a baby boy.  We had been chosen by his birth-mother to parent this precious life, and we listened to all the details of where we needed to be and when. The final piece of information we received was that his birth-mother had named him. Our hearts sank a little because we has a name picked, but the miracle in this story is that the name she had chosen was “Isaiah”. Tears flowed and we knew without a doubt that this child was to be in our family. We continue to be amazed at the way that God brings families together.  He certainly wove this story together and was at work from the very beginning.”

Ummm…if that doesn’t give you chills I don’t know what will :)

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