Froggie Pose Safety

It was an honor and joy to be a part of preserving the cherished newborn memories for Miss M’s mommy and daddy. Moma envisioned soft and dainty set-ups with subtle girly colors and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the entire session came together. Plus…can you get a load of her hair? I just wanted to snuggle and touch her soft and silky strands all day long.

froggie pose safety

Froggie Pose Safety

One request I often get is for the froggie pose and parents are always surprised at how this image is created.  One of the most important things when in our studio is newborn safety which is why I have a trusty newborn assistant. She is there to keep an eye out and make sure that these tiny little bundles are comfortable and safe while I photograph them. This pose should always be done with understanding of froggie pose safety. The most important thing to know is that this pose is a composite shot, meaning two images are merged together. My assistant has her hand on the baby at all times during this pose. A few different shots are taken and then merged together. You should never try and balance a baby like this as it could cause unwanted pressure on the chest and back. It is always good to note that not every newborn will like this pose so getting a sense for their hip flexibility and and how they like to curl up is very important before you try to pose them. As you can see, little Miss M adored this position and fell into it so seamlessly. She made our job very easy and it ended up being one of moma’s (and ours) favorite images.  froggie pose safetyThis beautiful pink floral backdrop is from Roses and Ruffles and has quickly become a popular choice with our clients recently. The subtle texture has me swooning.froggie pose safetyfroggie pose safetyfroggie pose safetyfroggie pose safetyI’m a neutrals gal, so when clients love the simple neutral set-ups I am in my happy place for sure. Neutrals are a wonderful way to really show off soft and creamy newborn skin.
froggie pose safetyfroggie pose safetyHello mohawk!  froggie pose safetyfroggie pose safety

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