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34 days till spring! I’m so excited for the warmer days and to be outside more and enjoy the beauty of creation coming to life again. That is why I love this session that I photographed back last summer. It gives me lots to look forward to! I wasn’t able to post this session until this lil guy’s adoption had been finalized, but I think its perfect timing though since it gives us a little something to hold on to until those warmer days are finally upon us. So here is a beautiful family I had the privilege of photographing last June.

Here is their story: M & J’s journey began with a four year struggle with infertility. After two failed attempts with IVF, they decided to rethink their priorities. They knew they wanted to become parents, but realized maybe not necessarily through biological means. They decided to attend an information session on open domestic adoption in September of 2012. Walking out of that session, they knew that adoption would be the right choice for them in the end. They put in an application in October 2012 and began the arduous process of paperwork and clearances that were required. Their Home Study was completed in January of 2013 and their profile was available for birth mothers by February. In early April, they got the exciting news every adoptive parent wants to hear: “you’ve been selected by a birth mother.” Unfortunately for them, in the end, the birth mother chose to parent her child. While this was very painful to hear, it made the eventual joy of meeting their son that much sweeter. On June 3rd, 2013, they received THE call that their son was born two days prior and was ready to leave the hospital the next day. On June 4th, they left the hospital and began bonding with “L” in the local hotel they had been staying in while awaiting interstate clearance to return home. Eight days later, they were home sweet home. “Holding “L” in our arms for the first time made us realize the truth in the words repeated many times by our agency social worker: “your baby finds you when the time is right.””

Meet the C Family!

  1. Christine says:

    Beautiful family, inside and out!

  2. A wonderful story! A dream come true for the two parents and this precious little boy has the dream ahead of him to discover.

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