Baby N | Lancaster Newborn Photographer

When Farimah walked through my studio doors for their maternity session I couldn’t help but love how great she looked wearing that hawt red lipstick! Plus that gorgeous long hair and perfect baby bump just topped it all off :) It was such a fun afternoon and I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out a few new things in the studio. A few weeks later they were back and now with their newest addition….Baby N. What a doll! She had the most incredible eye lashes, (I’m sooo envious!) and I’ve never seen a newborn suck on their thumb quite like this lil lady could; 11 days old and she had that thing in her mouth sucking on it like a lolly pop. It was the cutest thing!! I could have snuggled with her all day long and it always seems that my time with the babes comes to an end all too soon.

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