Baby G | Chester County Newborn Photographer

After I had met Jess and Mark for their maternity session back in the summer I knew there was something really special about them. We had so much fun just hanging out and sharing in the joy and excitement of their greatly anticipated arrival. It was so evident to me that these two loved this child so immensely even before she had entered this world. I mean, just take a look at this poem that Mark wrote for Gianna after they found out they were having a girl. It will melt your heart for sure.

Daddy Love’s you

Gianna my girl, my love, my sweet

Your mother and I are waiting patiently for the great day we will meet

Your nursery room is almost done and is filled up with love

Your mother and I can’t stop smiling as we look over your crib from above

We have new paint that we put on the wall

We had help from Grandpa and even your Uncle Paul

As I sit back and think about the father I’ll be

There is so much I want to teach you and things I want you to see

I want you to come camping with me on a clear night

We can lie on our backs looking at stars letting the camp fire be our light

The beach is so nice with the sand and the air

You can put your toes in the water with me as you relax in your chair

I want you to experience the smells of a new fallen rain

I want to hike Borestone Mountain with you in the middle of Maine

I can’t wait to take you to sporting events as a father/daughter date

We can cheer together and chant We Are…Penn State!!!

We can relax on the couch as simple as it seems

I want to hold you and listen about your friends, toys, and dreams

I can picture your wedding, your dress, and the place

I can picture our first dance and the look on your face

Try to remember to count your blessings as we pray each night

Some people are less fortunate and every day is a fight

Don’t get me wrong there are times where life will be tough

Your mom and I worry in hope we taught you enough

There will come a time where you will leave to be on your own

Your mother and I won’t be able to believe how fast you have grown

In this life you must try to love, laugh, and twirl

And never forget you will always be Daddy’s Little Girl!

Love you always, Dad

Ummm yeah. I think that is just about the cutest darndest thing I’ve ready in a very long time. So, wouldn’t you know that I was a tad bit excited to meet this little miss too! Before long we had Baby G’s newborn session scheduled and all the props and sets were picked and the day finally arrived when I would get to meet this daddy’s girl. Miss G you are sweet as can be and there is no doubt that you are loved to the moon and back and beyond…

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