Baby G // Lancaster Adoption Photographer

The H Family has been through a roller coaster of a ride the last few years as they dreamed of adopting and then had to walk through a very long adoption process…but in the end this story ends happily ever after for this beautiful family. In the words of Moma H: “After waiting almost two long years and having a roller-coaster of near matches, we were overjoyed when we were chosen by our birth mother to adopt our beautiful baby girl through a local agency. We fell in love with our baby girl from the first moment we held her in our arms.”

I had the privilege to do a Red Thread Session when Miss G was only 8 days old and then we recently celebrated her one year birthday and adoption finalization with a follow up session a few months back. What a joy is has been to journey and document with this family through their adoption. Adoption is certainly not for the faint of heart. Patience, endurance, fear, worry and “what ifs” are just a few of the things that adoptive families have to walk through. It can be draining (I can personally relate to this as my hubby and I are in the process of an adoption also!) But, one thing I have LOVED about photographing so many Red Thread Sessions lately is the hope and joy it gives us…the hope to persevere and to press on and the joy to unconditionally love. It gets me super excited to meet our lil babe soon :)

So, meet Miss G…she is beautiful as can be.Lancaster Newborn Photographer

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