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It has taken me a while to get this post done because of the emotion behind it. Every time I look at these images I am brought to tears and reminded of my friend and fellow photographer, Daniel Mast, who tragically passed away 4 months ago. Has it been 4 months already!? It doesn’t seem possible. I think of him just about everyday. Sometimes I even think that he might still be here… But he’s not.. and so I ache…I ache for the family he left behind: a strong and courageous wife and three beautiful children. One of the saddest parts is that sweet Baby E will never truly know her daddy in the physical sense. She was born a few short weeks after he passed away.

Daniel was an incredible dad in every way. He loved all three of his kids with every piece of his heart. There wasn’t a moment where he didn’t have one of them in his arms; either his two boys or holding Becca and their soon to be daughter close to him. He was gentle and kind, adventurous and free spirited. He worked hard to provide for his family and create a loving home. He loved to have fun and was committed 110% to his photography and clients. He loved to ride his motorcycle and take adventures in his Crusier. Compassion, integrity, strong, funny, a true friend, devoted husband and son and a man of faith. These are just a few of the many things that Daniel’s life exemplified that deeply impacted those he was around.

My fondest memory of Daniel was his laugh. His hearty, deep down belly laugh. He could change the mood in a room just by his laugh. It didn’t matter the day or hour he could somehow make you crack a smile. Weather you were sad or happy, he could make your stomach hurt. His laughter brought a life that I will forever cherish and that will never be forgotten. We miss you Daniel…

Sweet Baby E, my hope for you is that you learn to belly laugh like your daddy so that you can light up a room just like he used to. Laugh all you can little one because there is so much life and joy that is in you waiting to come out and remind us of the wonderful person he was. Carry on his legacy with your giggles and smiles and may we learn to help you remember the incredible man that your daddy was.   This is one of my most favorite images I took when I was first starting out in newborn photography. I’m thankful for the opportunity Daniel and Becca gave me to photograph their first born. I’ll forever cherish the moments I had with them as they doted over their precious newborn baby. I know that session seared a love on my heart for documenting precious fleeting newborn moments. Daniel, can’t wait to see you on the other side. Thank you for the many memories you created and shared through your life. Can’t wait to see some of your photos of heaven someday. I can only imagine the beauty and glory you get to see everyday now.  DANIEL MAST  |  05.21.13 (If you’d like to donate to the Daniel Mast Memorial, you can do so by clicking HERE.)

  1. Jordan Bush says:

    I’m very proud of you, Nicola. Daniel would be, too.

  2. Great Aunt Judy says:

    Very, very touching and such a nice job capturing this perfect little girl and her mommy and daddy and brothers. mmmhmm. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. eileen esbenshade says:

    Beautiful family.We are so sorry for the loss of your friend.Will be praying for them.

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