Baby A | Lancaster Newborn Photographer

This lil lady is very special to me as she belongs to a very dear friend of mine. A number of years ago I was blessed to have lived in a lovely lil city home with some amazing women of which each of us all ended up getting married. Eventually the cute little city home, that housed some wonderful friendships, came to an end as the last got married 2 years ago. A total of 8 ladies lived in this house and we established some wonderful friendships over the years. Jill was part of the 8 and it was such a blessing to have lived with her. Five years later she and her hubby, Eric, welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world and I couldn’t be happier for their happy little family of three. The best part? 3 more of these wonderful ladies have babies on the way (including me and my hubby as we are in the midst of an international adoption!).  What a joy it was to spend some time with sweet baby A and catch up on life with my dear friend Jill. Simply put, it was a marvelous morning as we reminisced and marveled at where we have all come in the last number of years. Here are a few of my favs…


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