And then there was three | PA Adoption Session

The H Family has a remarkable story of patience and love. Their journey wasn’t easy, the wait was agonizingly long, but when you see Alanna and Mark you can’t help but smile as they beam from ear to ear looking at their precious little girl.  Love has been filled to the brim and is now completely overflowing! Words can’t even come close to describing their immense joy, but when you see them you can totally feel it. Alanna and Mark really wanted to see the innocence of the itty bitty newborn stage captured along with the precious interactions of their new little family of three. It was incredible for me to be a part of such special moments and it is evident that this little lady will be loved more than she’ll ever know.

How cute is that little bracelet that was made especially for Jaida by a dear friend of Alanna and Mark?

We included some colors that would match Jaida’s nursery theme.

And what is not to love about some newborn eye contact!? BTW, the proudest grandma I’ve ever met made this blanket ;)

A baby in a basket is always a cute sight to see :)

Spring is on the way and is such a great reminder of the beauty in new life. With the beautiful warm weather we’ve been having we were able to enjoy some lovely evening light for their family portraits.

These images capture so perfectly how enamored Alanna and Mark are with their daughter.

Hello love!

And there is nothing quite like a daddy with his little girl.

It was an honor to be able to spend some time with the H Family and document such special moments. I wish them huge blessings as they venture on the fun and exciting journey called parenthood!



  1. Lauren says:

    Beautiful work Nicola and such a perfect little family. LOVE them… and you!

  2. Julie says:

    Beautiful and magical, as always, Nicola! You certainly captured the joy and love of this amazing family!

  3. Mandy says:

    The pics are adorable!!!! I cant wait till thats you guys! <3

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