Gray & rainy days = a lesson learned about being content.

Still in my pajamas at 9:00am I cozy up on the couch unmotivated to do anything. It’s days like these that leave me feeling down and in the dumps. It’s cold and rainy out, and when I don’t get that much needed vitamin D from the sun the happiness seems to get sucked right out of me. With rain and clouds in the forecast for the next few days I guess that means I’m going to be a grump. Such a gloomy day. *sigh*

So with a cup of tea in hand I decide to do some simple reflection on life. Maybe some meditation will give me the boost I need for this gloomy day. I look out the window and watch the rain drops gently roll down the tree branches and so effortlessly drop off with no questions asked as to where they will fall to. I often feel like a rain drop that struggles, with all my might, to hold onto the comfort of the sturdy branch never giving myself the courage to drop off and land to become a source of nourishment the earth needs me to be. What good am I if I never let go? Fear, doubt and worry are usually the things that I cling onto causing the unending struggle of holding on to things that really aren’t worth it. So, this morning was monumental for me! In my weary heart I decided to let go and see where I land. It’s actually a rather freeing feeling.

I then glance over at my adorable non-human child as she stares out the window intently watching the movement of the tree branches hoping to find a bird. I’m sure she is wishing she could be out in the big world hunting her lil feathered friends. I’ve never known a cat who likes to sit and stare so intently at birds like she does. She even occasionally gives a little chirp at them (Yes really, my cat chirps at birds. One of these days I’ll try to capture it on video.) She then turns and looks at me, jumps down from the window sill and hops up onto my lap. Her big eyes scream “give me a scratch behind the ear” then she curls up for a nap. Her soft purr is soothing to my soul. She is perfectly content where she’s at. To that I say “thanks Chloe for the great reminder!”…I am right where I’m meant to be.

Then I hear the groaning of my stomach. My how time flies. I was sitting here with my morning cup of tea and now it is afternoon already? I hadn’t eaten breakfast, so to the fridge I head to make some lunch. There is nothing to eat but leftovers. I hate left overs. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like the same thing twice and all we have in the house is stinkin’ leftovers. Urgh. But I was hungry, so I heated up the Butternut Spinach stuffed shells we made last night. To my surprise they actually tasted even better than they did yesterday! They were delicious!! (In case you are drooling, you can find the recipe HERE. Left overs now has new meaning to me!)

Wow, this day is really going to be amazing.


So on this gloomy and gray day, I leave you with a thought: “We may pass violets looking for roses. We may pass contentment looking for victory.” Bern Williams. What violets have you passed by today?

Happy Wednesday friends!

  1. Jenna says:

    beautiful post!

    my little love always makes up for the lack of sunshine on rainy days like today :-)

  2. CHAR says:

    You are a jewel. Here’s to you and ALL you are!!!

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