T’s Cake Smash Session | Lancaster Child Photographer

I just seriously cant contain myself…for real. This kid. I mean, he was the epitome of “cutest newborn ever” but man, just look at him now! What a charmer. And that smile and puppy dog eyes just melt me. Turning one never looked so good, especially when you get to celebrate with mouthfuls of creamy sugary goodness. I had a blast dreaming up this session and cake smash with my dear friend and fellow photographer, Sara, fromĀ  Sara Bittner Photography. Envisioning something, seeing it come to life and having such trusting clients is what brings me such joy as a photographer.

Baby T wasn’t so sure about his cake though. He seemed to enjoy stuffing mouthfuls but had this serious “I’m not so sure” look on his face during most of the cake indulging. I think my favorite moment from the entire session was when he knocked his cake over…twice…on accident of course, but the very last image…I just cant even handle it!! His expression is priceless. Check out Baby T’s cake smash and scroll down to the last image and leave a comment on what would you caption that photo with???

  1. Sara says:

    “Welp… that’s a wrap.” Hahah! We love the photos so much, Nicola! Can’t thank you enough! Your creative eye and your patience are both such gifts <3

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