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I’m a little…ok ALOT behind on blogging these days so this handsome guy’s b-day has come and gone and I didn’t get a chance to give a shout out to him on his first birthday! But they say better late than never eh? So here it is Baby C, a shout out poem for you. Happy (very) Belated Birthday buddy! And.. its ok that you didn’t really like your birthday cake either  ;)


This birthday wish is a tinsy tad late
I remembered you…I just forgot the date
My calendar said you were ONE today
I ignored it…I thought there’s just no way!


You’re getting so big and now boldly walking too
There is only so much crawling an 8 month old can do!

But now you’re one you’re a really big boy

And I’m also very sorry I didn’t get you a fun birthday toy.

Anybody can say happy birthday on time
But how many sent you a unique witty rhyme?
That says happy belated birthday to the cutest guy in town
Oh please buddy…please…please don’t give me a frown!


Thank goodness you’re only ONE and won’t remember my error

 And at least I blogged this…better late than never!

So happy belated birthday to the sweetest, smiley guy

And maybe next year I’ll give being prompt a much better try!


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