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My hubby, David, grew up with Rob. Their group of friends have quite the history and plenty of boyhood stories from their high-school days.  One of the places many memories were made was on Friday nights at Ye Olde Pizza Pub. Now let me tell you about my first experience at the Pub. It’s the beginning of the long cold winter days up in NY and David and I had been dating maybe a month or so. We walk in and there are big long wooden tables with years of names and memories carved deeply into them. Some deeper and more worn than others and some showing freshly carved wood. This place has some serious history and memories are still being made today.  I dare rest against the tables for fear of getting some greasy pizza gross-ness on my forearms. Do they ever wipe down the tables? There is a big white screen with old time cartoons playing from a projector. My favorite thing is the wood stove in the back and I make sure that our group sits right next to it :)  You take a look at the pizza and it appears that the grease settles to the center of the pizza. I think I’ll stick to the crust slices please and thank you and I’ll leave the soggy center pieces for you Jason Mooty (he loves the center pieces and they are all yours buddy)! Then there are the taters…done just right and they melt in your mouth but every once in a while you find a “tumor”. Usually your first visit you wonder if you’ll ever like the place like the guys do. The 2nd time you go you’ve warmed up and rest your arms on the table and maybe even  give yourself pub burn because you are so eager to get some of the pizza goodness (aka: burn the roof of your mouth. Pub burn is for rookies.). 3rd time? You are so pro at this point. No pub burn, you know which taters NOT to eat and you are practically lounging on the tables. Every time we visit Davids family PUB is on the to do list for Friday nights.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Rob and Kara while hanging out many a times at the PUB on Friday nights and I’m thrilled for them as they are now expecting their first baby. I’m soooo excited and cannot wait to meet this lil guy soon. Just a few short weeks left and David and I will be heading up to NY for some PUB and baby time. Can’t get any better than that. I’m wayyy behind on some blogging….so this post is well deserved in anticipation of this lil fella. We can’t wait to meet you baby Swayer! ( We might have to call him “PUB baby #2”? Our friends, The Fowlers, had “PUB baby #1” and she’ll be up on the blog soon.)


  1. Char says:

    As always, gorgeous shots! Love your clean, simple, warm and classic work. Pretty light!

  2. Daris Kosinski says:

    You did a wonderful job Nicole! Kara looks so healthy. Congratulations to Rob and Kara on your new addition! Can’t wait to meet the little one!

  3. Sue Sawyer says:

    Nicola: What beautiful photos… will provide great memories: shows warmth, and tender anticipation of the new life we are soon to meet. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all. – from baby’s grandma:)

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