My Hero | Lancaster Maternity Photographer

grasso(photo credit: P’s daddy)

Baby P was born shortly after I did Andrea and Nick’s maternity session back in November. I couldn’t wait to meet him. The day before P’s scheduled newborn session Andrea called me and said he didn’t appear to be feeling too well and wasn’t sure how the session would go since he has been crying non-stop and hadn’t been sleeping much. We decided to give it a whirl but when they arrived we quickly figured out that P definitely didn’t seem well enough to have pictures taken so we decided to reschedule. Thankfully they had a doctor appointment scheduled that same day because it turned out that P had been having some bleeding in and around his brain. He was immediately admitted to Hershey Children’s hospital where they began urgent treatments followed by a number of surgeries and trips in and out of the hospital.  Not exactly what any new parent envisions when they welcome a child into the world, but this family has shown such incredible love, strength and faith during this challenging time. They truly inspire me!

While P isn’t out of the woods quite yet he has proven to be one a heck of fighter. He is my hero and I can’t wait to meet him someday soon. A session involving some Superman theme is definitely in order :) We will celebrate with him and marvel at the blessings that God has given through his precious little life. It will certainly be a good time.

Until then, please keep this family in your prayers as they continue to have faith that their little man will make a full recovery soon.

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