Wonder Session | Painting with Miss K

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” –Henry David Thoreau

There is truly nothing better then the unrestrained and pure look of wonder upon a child’s face! Especially when you can watch them totally engaged in something they love and enjoy. This is precisely what has inspired a new project I like to call “Wonder Sessions.” Wonder Sessions are  simply where I sit back and capture children in their most natural activities and passions and all the expressions and creativity that bursts from them as a result! This little lady was the most perfect subject to be first in line in this series! She may be small but boy is her imagination bursting at the seams. We couldn’t believe her childlike, bubbly excitement that contrasted her so much more mature, fierce focus and precision in every stroke with every color. She got lost in her creativity, in her world and it was lovely to watch! Children are so open to everything inspiring even in the small details often missed by us busy adults! It’s so important to remember to learn from children and to slow down sometimes and take everything in; to remember to do the things that we can get lost in, the things that make us come alive! A huge thanks to Miss K and her sweet parents for letting us get a glimpse into her world and capture a true work of art! Bravo!#behindthescences with our marketing director’s sweet baby Margot who joined us on the shoot.

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