The ‘T’ Family | Philadelphia Adoption Photographer

It hasn’t been an easy journey. After numerous infertility treatments and miscarriages, the ‘T’s’ decided to pursue adoption to grow their family.  They were matched 9 months later! Before Baby V was born, the ‘T’s’ were able to meet her birthmom. It turns out they had much in common with each other: the love of the outdoors, Lord of the Rings and pets to name a few. :) Birthmom believed it was fate that she had met The ‘T’s’ after two previous families fell through, and six weeks later the ‘T’s’ finally held their precious baby in their arms. The love between this family is unmatchable and I was thrilled to be able to capture some of these precious moments with them. We had a lot of fun together, so much so that we even lost one of Baby V’s new shoes while romping around in the grass :( She didn’t seem to mind too much though!

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