The B Family | Lancaster, PA Adoption Photographer

After Sara and Taylor had been trying for a family of their own for a while, they instead started looking into adoption and foster care. As they got underway with the process they felt a strong draw to fostering even though their hearts were ultimately for adoption. There is a great need for foster families and they wanted to be a part providing a safe, stable and loving environment for a child in need weather they would end up being that child’s forever family or just a temporary haven of love.

And then…a beautiful, sweet 4 month old little girl entered into their lives and they were forever changed. They knew there were no guarantees with fostering but they hoped that they would eventually be able to adopt this sweet little girl. So began a journey of waiting and wondering…and 13 long months later Baby S officially became their daughter!

In Sara’s word: “She is an amazing little ray of sunshine that captures the hearts of those around her. ¬†She’s a true gem and we feel so blessed to be able to watch her grow up. We get the extreme honor and privilege of being her forever family and nothing could make us happier!”

Meet the B Family…a happy family of 3!

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