Petersheim Family | Lancaster, PA Adoption Photographer

I really enjoyed photographing this beautiful family. So much so that I now think that maybe…just maybe…I’d love to have a little girl of my own someday. I’ve always wanted a boy but after meeting these ladies my heart has certainly softened up to the idea of a girl. My oh my, this family is the sweetest and I just adore these girls so much. Each one has such a different personality but put them together and they are such a fun bunch to be around.

The Petersheim’s adoption story is fascinating and sure proof that God’s ways are best. They were excited to bring home an older toddler with special needs. After receiving a referral for just that, they anxiously awaited a court date. But, there was a rare mix-up at the orphanage and the adoption fell through. They were devastated as they thought for sure this was the child they had been praying for! But as Kerri (mom) says, “God’s ways, though not always our ways, are infinitely better.” God had another precious baby in mind for this family. At the same time that their original referral fell through, there was a baby girl found on the streets weighing in at only 2.2lbs. This was the baby God had planned for them. Baby Elora’s name means “God is Light” and it fits her perfectly. The Pertersheims gladly accepted her referral and Elora officially became theirs! This family knows without a doubt that God brings beauty from ashes and hope from despair. HE knows best how to knit families together.

  1. carrie martin says:

    gorgeous work nicola!!! you are going to make such a great mama to a boy or a girl ;)
    this is such a beautiful family with a beautiful story. thanks for sharing with all of us!

  2. Julie & Ryan says:

    Julie & I are getting married in Lancaster at ” the farm at eagles ridge” September 14th 2013. We like your work and wondered what it would cost to hire you for our wedding if you’re available and interested. If interested, pease give us an idea of your rate(s). Thanks a lot and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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