Lancaster Family Photography | The Harnishs

I always look forward to the Autumn. Its the time of year I love the most when the trees start to show their magnificent colors, farmers are hard at work cutting down the corn fields that have for so long hidden the beautiful curves and shapes of the land and everything pumpkin is literally on my mind. But the last two years I’ve also looked forward to one other thing that Autumn brings and that is the yearly Harnish family session. Ellen and I cant exactly remember how we met but we know it was through the photography world and ever since then we just clicked. While we both live very different lives (shes a farm gal and I’m a city gal) we  share many of the same interests and passions like holistic wellness, whole foods cooking, food preservation and of course photography. She is a gem of a friend and I am so honored to document their family every year.

This year we hit the nail on the head for their session. We ended up having such a beautiful evening weather wise. It was so warm and the colors that day just seemed to glisten with such vibrancy.  The kids totally rocked it this year and the animals we included totally cooperated even after been pulled around by a toddler! We did the session at Ellen’s parents farm where she grew up. It holds some fond memories for her and ended up being a wonderful location for the session this year. Now I can’t wait for next years session…I wonder what that will bring!? For now, I guess you’ll have to settle for these beautiful images!

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