Krotzer Adoption | Red Thread Session

Being a part of Red Thread Sessions has been so rewarding for me as a photographer and also as an expecting adoptive parent myself. Being able to connect with other adoptive families has been such a joy and it keeps my heart hopeful as we wait for our own little one. When Kylene and Matt contacted me I was super excited, not only because they were interested in an adoption session but they too are photographers who are also RTS volunteers! It is not often you find so much in common with someone within minutes of emailing back and forth! It was a perfect match and I enjoyed my time with them immensely.

Matt and Kylene had always known they would adopt someday. It was something Kylene had always wanted to do since she was a kid and Matt has family members who were adopted so it is not surprising that adoption is so near and dear to both of their hearts. When they realized they were unable to have biological children, instead of infertility treatments, they went right away to the adoption route. They were drawn towards having a newborn so that left them with the option of domestic infant adoption and the process from start to finish took about 2 years although they were only “officially waiting” for 5 months. They were matched with a birth mother and exactly 3 weeks after being matched, sweet little Ellery was born.

She is the perfect addition to the Krotzer family don’t ya think? :)And just because I couldn’t resist…

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