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Meet the Herr family…full of love and so delightful to be around. The evening was nice and warm as the week before had been unseasonably chilly. It was relaxing being out in the peaceful countryside enjoying the warm rays of the sun as we chatted and casually wandered around to all the photo-opp spots on the farm. And we laughed as we learned that it occasionally works to bark like a dog to get the kiddos to look at the camera. And of course we took pictures…cause family is important…and people want to cherish those moments together. So that is what the Herr family did! I was slightly bummed I couldn’t stay to join them for pizza and ice cream cake as they celebrated grandma’s birthday the remainder of the evening. Oh well…

020304050601..and of course I had to post a picture of grandma since that is why there was pizza and icecream in the first place!07

  1. Sara Herr says:

    Nicola –
    You’re so talented! What amazing photos / moments you captured :) Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us – it was lovely to meet you! We’ll continue lifting you up as you work towards expanding your own family!!
    Sara & Andy Herr

  2. amelia herr says:

    What Fun!! So excited!!! You have really captured the moments!!! Thanks so much for taking the time on your Sunday Evening to create memories for Allan Herr Family. True Joy!! Thoughts and prayer are with you and your family as you work towards expanding your own family!!
    Allan and Amelia

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