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Tiffany and Dan are dear friends of mine. Tiff and I roomed together in college and have been good friends ever since. The past few years I have gone out to visit them each year to photograph Gabriela since she was born. It’s been neat to watch her grow and develop from this sweet innocent babe to an adorable chubby 6 month old to the cutest blond haired, blue eyed 1 year old you’ve ever seen. They recently made a big move across country from Ohio to New Jersey (so jealous as they are right near the beach now) and this is a huge blessing as we will be able to see each other way more often. When David and I finally have kids we will have some sweet vacations to visit and stay with friends at the beach! Exciting things are happening with the Harrisons. Not only are there new ventures with Dan’s new job in Jersey, but they are expecting baby #2!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to meet this lil fella. So.Excited.

Tiff and Dan recently paid David and I a visit for a few days and I enjoyed doing Gabriela’s 2 year pics and a few belly shots before baby #2 make his appearance. I love this family so very much and am thrilled at the new and exciting things ahead of them the next number of months. Here are just a few of y favorites.


  1. Suz Lemmon says:

    NIchole, I have been hearing about you for years now and am so glad Dan and Tiff are near her dear friend. We miss them terribly, but know this is God’s will. Can I steal some of these pictures? I have a baby book of Gabriella and family and would like to add these to it. Tiff has always given me pictures from you and you certainly do a spectacular job! Thank you for sharing. Suz

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