Grace turns 3! | Lancaster Children Photographer

When Grace turned two we did a fun lil session to celebrate this fabulous coming of age and ended with a special treat for the lil lady! Grace LOVED doughnuts and she happily enjoyed her treat at the end of the session with such joy. It made me wonder what happens to us as we get older. Why do we loose our child-like excitement for the small things in life? As Grace ate that doughnut you could just see it in her face that she was in heaven with every gooey bite she took. I could not get this thought out of my mind for weeks and it has since stuck with me. When Jessica contacted me to do another session for Grace as she turned the big 03 I was thrilled and couldn’t wait since this time ICE CREAM was the ending treat for the evening. It couldn’t have been more perfect: me and my camera, an adorable 3 year old and ice cream…I was in heaven. It was fun to see Grace again and see that she still has that same child-like joy in her.


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