Rachel & Marcus | Lancaster Engagement Photographer

I’m super stoked for Rachel and Marcus’ wedding this coming November. I hadn’t met them in person until I did their engagement session. Sometimes I get a little nervous about booking a wedding without having met the couple first, but after chatting on the phone and conversing back and forth via email I was confident that we would hit it off. When I met with them I knew right away I was going to love these two and their session ended up being so fun fun FUN! I absolutely adore the way Marcus interacts with Rachel…and doesn’t he have the cutest smile ever!? ;) And Rachel, I am super envious of your gorgeous locks! The two of them absolutely adorable together.

Rachel grew up on a farm and we had some fun walking around an neighboring Amish farm for a few shots. It was funny to see the Amish gals watch and stare from a distance as Rachel and Marcus got cuddly together! And I’ll never forget Marcus’ question in disbelief that the Amish really do not have ANY electricity. See, he’s from DC and hasn’t seen too much of the Lancaster countryside. I think the shots we did in the corn field is the closest he’s ever been to corn apart from in a grocery store ;o)

Country girl meets city boy…and a perfect match they are!

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