Melissa & Joe | Philadelphia Portrait Photographer

Before I meet these two in person, we had been emailing back and forth about their upcoming wedding and finally got to chat on the phone. It was a really easy going conversation and I knew that when I’d  them for their engagement session we would hit it off right away. As soon as Melissa introduced herself I could totally tell she had a sweet gentle spirit about her. She was also wearing such a fabulous outfit that I knew she must be quite the fashionista! Joe is an easy going and laid back guy who also seems to have a little bit of rock-n-roll in him (He so wanted some shots with his Motley Crue shirt on!) For some reason I can picture Joe in a room with some of his guys playing the air guitar to “Kickstart my Heart“!?

After spending some time hanging out with these two I could totally see why they are so perfect together; so genuine and adoring. We certainly had a wonderful time together at the beautiful Oakbourne Park in Westtown, PA and couldn’t have asked for a better evening. I’m looking forward to celebrating with these two at their wedding this coming fall.

  1. locky says:

    your photos are beautiful.

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