Jen & Ryan | Lancaster Portrait Photographer

I’ve been drooling these past few weeks with all this glorious evening light we’ve been having…that was until today: it has been pouring all day long. I’ve also been enjoying myself so very much this autumn because I’ve gotten to hang out with some of the coolest people ever. I love my job! So meet Jen & Ryan…they are definitely some of the coolest. These two have not has an easy life together so far. When Jen experienced a grand mal seizure shortly after they were married and then was diagnosed with epilepsy, their lives were forever changed…BUT…we believe in the miracle that she will someday be healed. While their story is gut wrenching to hear, it is also inspiring…and there is hope…and love…and Jesus. And so we keep believing for these two. Despite their many hardships you can’t walk away from meeting them and not feel all happy inside. Jen is so joyful, fun, and absolutely LOVES to have her picture taken (can you tell?) Ryan is the epitome of a romantic. I’m always seeing photos or status updates on Jen’s facebook page of being surprised with flowers, dessert or a fun little getaway. And how adorable is that smile of his?! I’m so excited for these two as they are preparing for an exploratory trip to Spain for a few weeks to see if they are called to be there long term for some mission work. SPAIN?? Yeah…im envious.

We will continue to journey with you, Jen & Ryan, through the good and the bad. You are loved by many and you have hearts of gold. May you be blessed my friends…


  1. Brooke Courtney says:

    I love the third image from the top of them sitting together! Just precious!

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