Andrea & Ryan | Lancaster Engagement Photographer

Andrea and I go way back. We were really good friends in highschool and even though we lost touch during collage it was fun to reunite shortly after we both graduated. One of our favorite things we used to do was to take pictures of each other “modeling,” if modeling is the right word to use when you are awkward teenagers trying to figure out who you are!! Regardless, we had fun going through rolls and rolls of film using each others homes and backyards as our modeling grounds. I think my love for photography started as we would sit together laughing our hearts out as we looked through all the pictures we developed from our photoshoots. Such fond memories. Somehow many of the images I had were somehow misplaced over the years. It is sort of sad to have lost those memories, but how incredible to be a part of some new memories as Andrea and Ryan will tie the knot next year!

Andrea is a beautiful person, inside and out. She has a heart so genuine and sweet. Ryan is the perfect compliment to her. He is wise and confident and it’s a joy to see them interact with each other. Ryan also went to the same highschool. They knew of each other but didn’t really run around in the same friendship circles. How neat that years later they re-unite at new jobs and end up being the perfect match for each other. It’s almost like they were destined to be highschool sweethearts! ;) I’m looking forward to their wedding next year and being a part of capturing some very special memories for them.

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