The Carwheel Family | Philadelphia Adoption Photographer

Meet Dan and Adrienne, parents to two precious little girls through private domestic adoption–now 4 months and 6 years old. Their journey toward adoption started 12 years ago when they got married. Adoption has always been a part of their lives and something they talked about as a way to build their family.  Adrienne and Dan’s mother are both adoptees, therefore, adoption was a fulfillment of a dream that started before their children even came to them.

I really enjoyed meeting up with this beautiful family for their session in more ways than one. Getting to photograph beautiful families and capturing life’s wonderous stories is always fun of course, but making special connections and relationships is even better. As David and I are in the adoption process ourselves, I am truly thankful for people like Dan and Adrienne and their example in the adoptive world, their family and their marriage. The color yellow has been an important color to us as it symbolizes happiness, sunshine and hope. And what do you know Adrienne had picked yellow as the theme color for their session. It was a meeting meant to be :) What an honor it was to get a peek into their lives! I will forever cherish the time we spent together. So, go ahead and meet the C Family. Their sunshine and smiles will brighten your day!

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