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From the moment they walked into the studio, I just new it was going to be a wonderful time together. This beautiful family was so laid back and their care-free personalities made for such an enjoyable time together. I love it when you meet someone for the first time and don’t seem to have a problem finding things to talk about. That’s how I felt with these guys. The session seemed to be over too soon and Baby C was an absolute gem and a total natural in front of the camera. He’s lucky to have such a gentle and sweet big sister too! I think some of my favorites are the family portraits. I just love the simplicity of them with the subtle color and the emense amount of love that radiates. It was a true pleasure to spend a morning with this lovely family.



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Today we’re drawing one from the archives! We can hardly believe this elegant spring wedding was already months ago but it was just too good not to share. Is it just us or is this year flying by?  We’re so happy for Rachel and Marc! Their day was full of exquisite colors, details and wonderful moments and friendships making up a very memorable wedding. It was a perfect match of modern, vibrant pops of color with a touch of a classic, timeless feel. Even though it was an unusually warm spring day, the whole bridal party braved the heat so we could get some incredible shots! The reception was a blast as well with an awesome live band and lots of partying! This group really knows how to celebrate! Rachel and Marc were so sweet, laid back and we loved how genuine they were.  A thousand congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Greene!

Rings: Brent L. Miller Jewelers
Wedding Dress: In White
Flowers: Petals with Style
Cake: Rosie’s Creative Cakes
Venue: Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
Band: EBE Monte Carlo
Photobooth: Complete Weddings & Events


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PINHappy Friday everyone! As part of our new #funfridays posts, we’ve decided to highlight some of our favorite places to go in Lancaster city. This summer is really special because there is a new pop-up park on Prince Street featuring some amazing food trucks all summer long! The two permanent food trucks are Penny’s Ice-cream and Passenger Coffee which are open every day. There are also a few more that join them every Thursday night that are equally delicious and featuring some amazing hamburgers and BBQ . We decided to make a “team building” outing because, let’s be honest, we could always use an extra excuse to get ice-cream! I don’t know if many of you have noticed the recent mentioning of our “team” here at Nicola Herring Photography or noticed the “we’s” throughout the past few blog entries. This is because we’ve added a brand new team member – Lancaster local and mom to an adorable little girl – Leah Conley AND she just so happens to live just a few houses down from me! We are going to do a more formal introduction of Leah on the journal really soon and we are so excited for you to get to know her better! She is a wonderful asset to Nicola Herring Photography team and we are so excited for what is to come with some fun new ideas we have in the works.PINPIN

My son Simon and her daughter Margot get along quite well which makes team meetings fun… and especially over some melty, sweet Penny’s ice cream as you’ll see in the photos below! We are both unashamedly hoping they someday fall in love…ok…well actually…we may be secretly prearranging their marriage. Hehe! Don’t they look so adorable together!?  Seriously though, it is so fun and rewarding to watch little ones learn and enjoy all the fun little things in life and tonight eating ice-cream was the bliss that is summer. We all had a lovely time enjoying the cool evening, getting to know each other a bit better and running into more friends unexpectedly at the pop up park. We just love how our little city is alive with the buzz of people enjoying it’s special treats. I love this quote by Kurt Vonnegut “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you‘ll look back and realize they were big things.”  It’s nights like these when life slows down a little that I’m so grateful for all the small moments, like good ice cream shared with new friends in our fantastic little city we call home. Don’t forget to check out our favorite ice-cream flavors which you’ll find at the bottom of the post. We highly recommend you try them all :)


  • Nicola: Pineapple Coconut
  • David (Nicola’s hubby): Olivia’s Coffee
  • Leah: Peanut Butter Oreo
  • Chris (Leah’s hubby): Salted Caramel
  • Simon: Anything that sits on top of an ice cream cone and melts is his favorite flavor ;)
  • Margot: This was her first time trying ice cream and she loved every single flavor!

Now go grab a favorite person of yours and head to Penny’s already! Have a great weekend!

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